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Taking Stalk Taking Stalk Banner

In-depth analysis of today’s most important ag issues. In Taking Stalk, Illinois Farm Bureau President Brian Duncan welcomes fellow farmers and leaders to discuss the issues that matter to Illinois Farm Bureau members.

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RFD IllinoisRFD Illinois BannerRFD Illinois Banner

Your daily rundown of the issues affecting Illinois farmers. RFD Radio hosts Rita Frazer, DeLoss Jahnke and Jim Taylor are your boots on the ground, keeping you up to date on the news stories, market trends and weather outlooks that could affect your farm.

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RFD Today BannerRFD Today

Discussing agricultural policy issues, commodity market trends and more, RFD Today is your deep dive into the most relevant news stories of the day. In this show, hosts Rita Frazer and Jim Taylor interview industry decision-makers throughout the state, providing reactions to and analysis of the challenges and opportunities affecting your farm.

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RFD Profit WatchRFD Profit Watch Banner

Hosted by DeLoss Jahnke, RFD Profit Watch features conversations with economists, grain and livestock analysts and other industry leaders about the markets and the issues that affect farm profitability.

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Best of RFD BannerBest of RFD

As another busy week in Illinois agriculture wraps up, the RFD Radio team reflects on the biggest stories of the week.

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RFD Livestock ReportRFD Livestock Report Banner

Sponsored by the Illinois Livestock Development Group, the Livestock Report provides a daily update on the livestock industry as a vital part of the state's agriculture sector.

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PolicycastclogoPolicycast with the VP

Join the Illinois Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee Chairman for a conversation about IFB Policy. Learn how policy is at the forefront of our organization and why it shapes what we do.

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Vintage Country LogoVintage Country

Join us for a trip back to yesterday on the farm, on the road and in the barn. Relax and listen as the RFD Radio Network takes you back.

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