Anhydrous Ammonia Certified Grower Training


FREE In-Person Training

February 27 @ 1pm
Asmark Agricenter
14171 Carole Dr
Bloomington, IL 61705

Walk-in attendance only, no pre-registration required.


All growers or grower farm operators who transport or apply anhydrous ammonia, or
otherwise maintain anhydrous ammonia equipment, shall be certified to understand:

  • Properties of ammonia
  • Competent in safe operating practices
  • How to take appropriate actions in the event of a leak or emergency
  • Personal protective equipment & first aid
  • Transportation safety

Ongoing training opportunities are being offered for growers and grower farm operators. Certification is good for three years after being initially certified.

Who needs to be certified?

GROWER: Any individual who produces an agricultural commodity on property he or she owns or controls

GROWER FARM OPERATOR: An individual employed by or otherwise authorized by a grower to transport or apply anhydrous ammonia, or to otherwise maintain anhydrous ammonia equipment. These individuals include grower family members, full-time and part-time hired help, and others providing anhydrous ammonia services at no fee.

*This new requirement is found in the IDOA regulations regarding anhydrous ammonia at 8 Illinois Administrate Code 215.

Please contact Jenny Eisenbeis (Illinois Farm Bureau) at 309-557-3207 or with any registration questions.

To learn more about the Illinois Anhydrous Ammonia Certified Grower Training program and requirements, visit